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Chop Sports Podcast
Sturch & Gooch
Over the course of this global pandemic we launched the “Chop Sports” Facebook group. It has served as a platform of now over 2300 members to talk up all things sports, strike up convo, debate, all in a friendly and fun way. The Chop Sports Podcast releases daily episodes hosted by Chop Sports owners Chris Gueci and Dave Sturchio. The fellas cover the 4 major sports with a splash of MMA, Boxing and entertainment! We hope to continue the conversation with those who want to use the Chop Sports platform to put out your very own content. We’re all about networking with you so chime in and make your voice heard!! We’re excited about this venture and hope you tune in!•LET’S CHOP IT UP•Listen • Rate • Subscribe & Follow us on IG @chopsportsnetwork

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